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In our songbooks, products and workshops our intention is to--"Shake Hands With the Heart Before and When You Start" and to meet the practical needs of the everyday leader  person with user friendliness.
True "Heart" success comes when leaders choose to tune-in and practice a lifestyle filled with the awareness of participating in a Hi-Touch (personal) philosophy of trust relationships and help people to De-Tune to a more than sometimes Hi-Tech (impersonal) world.

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Click on SongBooks and it will show you the inside and outside of the layout of our books. There are over 1,177 songs of different varieties for every occasion imaginable. The chords in the LyriChord SongBook are the friendliest chords you will find anywhere and suitable for any beginner as well as for the advanced musician. The keys chosen are for the broadest vocal range of singers for group singing.

Click on The Words Only SongBook which is used primarily for the singers... as so many singers have said the chords seem to get in the way. It's a smaller book... a great resource for large group singing venue's... like: camps, churches, schools, back-yard bar-be-que's, etc. A tremendous resource for any musician.

The TuneBook has just the melody line to about 85% of the songs in the book. This book is a great resource for any musician who reads notes. I suggest that song leaders use either the words only songbook or the LyriChord songbook to lead out of. It is said that over 85% of the population does not read notes very well or at all and that only 3-5% can sight read musical notes. So actually having notes present, hinders a lot of people from singing as it intimidates them. The big mega churches understand this and do not use notes in congregational singing.

Also in our philosophy, the beat, rhythm and chord structure are emphasized and the result is a much more hearty type of singing. Scroll down on the main menu and you will encounter some very helpful items that will make songleading much easier. The guitarist's third hand (for right handed guitar players) lets you roam around with the words and chords with you so you don't have to carry a music stand all the time. A picture of it, with Yohann playing guitar with the "third hand" on it, is on one of the back pages of our songbooks.

For those of you who don't own or play a guitar and would like to... check out the "UkeTAR." The YOTAR (as the UkeTAR is sometimes called because Yohann invented it and is the only thing he plays) is amazing. The UkeTAR is actually the worlds easiest guitar to play and still sounds like the biggest sound you will ever hear. If you want to hear what it sounds like, call Yohann on the phone (760-212-2090 his cell phone) and he will play it for you. You too will be truly amazed.

PEOPLE EVERYWHERE are looking for the key's to get people of any age participating... Well here they are in Yohann's booklet called "EVERYBODY CAN" PARTICIPATE --- The ultimate group dynamics SOURCEBOOK for leaders.

The "Walldropper's," the seven page "Hint's for songleaders" and the single 2 sided "Hot Notes" are expansions on this theme. ENJOY!

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