Words Only - Mini Paperback Binding


Songs "Words Only" SongBook - 1,197 + Songs, "Paperback" Binding

Contains all the songs of the "LyriChord"(#137) SongBook in a slimmer size (Words Only) with larger print.

Smaller 5.5" x 8.5" pocket book "MINI" words only edition with all the same songs and save money. Also check out our regular sized words only books. 7" X 10" size - All songs on one page... Two to four songs per page. Also check out our Also available in a slightly larger size for those with reading impairments. See SKU #178 XL

Singers don't need the chords so we enlarged the fonts in a slimmer sized book. Enhances the ease of group singing as chords do not get in the way. Approx. 75% of the population sing better without the notes or chords being present as only 3-7% can sight read music on the spot.

Huge Variety (Eclectic)... Very Readable - Lays flat - Songs on one Page.

Three types of binding:
1. Perfect Bound, Lay Flat spine. (paper back)
2. Plastic Coil spiral, Flat opening and flip around. Perfect for use in the Yolder. 
3. (Optional - special order) Hearty bound (glued) with staple

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