THE GUITARIST'S "THIRD HAND" World's Only music holder that slips on Guitar... sometimes known as "THE YoLDER"

The YOLDER - Very lightweight 8.5 oz. HOLDER of Music that slips easily on any acoustic Guitar like a "THIRD HAND."
So throw away those music stands and rubber bands and stroll around (with music) while playing your guitar (caroling, camps, music therapists, worship leaders, classroom, etc.) with words and music resting on your "YOLDER" guitar music holder. Look cool and professional. Sound impossible? Not any more because we have designed this slick, uncumbersome, and practical MUSIC HOLDER that is the only patented one of its kind in the world.
This Easy "SLIDE ON" Guitar Music Holder is A GUITARIST'S THIRD HAND

 Makes Song Leading Easier
 Fits Any Size Acoustic guitar


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