1,197 Songs SongBook with simplified chords over larger words. - Very User Friendly

-- ALL SONGS ON ONE PAGE  -- Compared to other songbooks there is no need for turning pages to complete song.

Huge Variety (Eclectic)... Rock, Folk, Praise, Hymns, Standards, Children - little known but popular songs such as: Pharaoh, Pharaoh... Radical Man, Mo Bettah Life, Free At Last, Creation Do Wah Ditty, Imagine  etc.
Very Readable - Plastic Coil Spiral - Lays flat - INDESTRUCTABLE Non-tear Cover

Songs for every occasion you can think of: Music Therapists, Teachers, Group Leaders, Folk & praise Worship Leaders, Youth Workers plus renew groups such as: Cursillo /Emmaus /Kairos/ Kairos Outside / Via De Cristo... etc. This 8 ½" X 11" book is our main resource book for Guitarists and Keyboardists.

Very easy chords in singable keys for the beginner and guitar teacher. Our LyriChord concept enhances the ease of group singing as notes do not get in the way. Approx. 75 % of the population sing better without the notes being present as only 3-7 % can sight read music on the spot.

Fits on our "THIRD HAND" Music Holder for guitars (Sometimes called the "Yolder.") Call us at 1-800- 227-2188 to place your order.


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